Is It Works Body Wraps a Scam

Have you wondered if It Works Body Wraps were a scam? Several months ago was when I first heard of It Works I wondered if it was a scam too. A friend told me a relative of her’s was an It Works Distributor and for me to check it out because we were both releasing weight and needed to tighten, tone and firm. And who couldn’t use extra money. So I started reading reviews on the wraps and following the It Works Distributor on her Facebook page.

My goal by writing this article is to share the facts as I know them from the perspective of someone who has done their own homework on the products and the compensation plan, broke through their weight loss plateau, someone who genuinely loves the products, and has made the decision to become an Independent Distributor of It Works products.   I truly hope to dispel any myths or doubts you may have and offer you my personal experience on It Works Global body wraps and other products.

When I started following my friend’s relative they were sharing some pretty incredible before and after photos and the more I researched the more incredible before and after pictures I found. I was impressed by the Body Wrap Results but still skeptical until I wrapped myself and started using the products myself.  When I started seeing my own personal results I was then sold on the products and I had already been sold on the Home Business aspect by following my freind’s relative and her success.  But I wasn’t going to represent a product until I was sure it worked for me personally.


It Works Global, the company actually began back in 2001. The wraps were discovered in Europe and were sold in spas and salons for between $200-$300 per treatment. The lady who discovered them introduced them to the man who is now the It Works CEO, Mark Pentecost and his wife, and they got incredible results. And so have I  using the body wraps, defining gel, as well as the other many of the other supplements.


Over the years there have been hundreds of thousand of men and women who wrap and the company has been rated one of the fastest growing and been featured in Forbes and Inc Magazines prestigious 500/5000 list. They have also been featured in major publications like Success From Home Magazines.

One thing that further interested me as I looked into the It Works Compensation Plan, and evaluated the It Works Product Line, was the ratio of customers to distributors. I heard that over 75% of the business It Works did was from customers ordering the Ultimate Body Applicator, nutritional supplements, weight loss and skin care products at retail, or wholesale through the Loyal Customer Program. Which makes for a solid Home Based Business Opportunity for someone looking for a legitimate work at home opportunity or for a product that will tighten, tone or firm.

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