Make Money With It Works Body Wraps

How You Make Money With It Works Body Wraps

I am going to be holding your hand getting started. Our entire team and I will be working together to help you have fun planning your business to help you work your new business into your life and available time. We know everyone has different priorities and we firmly believe this business can work for anyone. 

It Works Global products are so amazing that they bring the sales TO YOU. And when I say sales, I mean money. And when I say money, I mean A LOT. When you see the potential and the money literally rolling in, that’s when it gets GOOD. There are countless stories I know of distributors that were able to quit their full time jobs in less than a year. Some of them even at 6 months!  Because you’re not selling something everyone else has. You can’t buy these products in any stores. They aren’t “as seen on tv”, they are absolutely original. You’re selling a UNIQUE product that legitimately WORKS, and EVERYONE wants it! The financial potential with this company is out of this world.





Wrap Cash.  Every time you sell a body applicator wrap you put immediate cash into your pocket.  This can be done by wrapping someone, simply selling them the wrap, or through wrap parties.   Imagine putting $25, $100, or $500 or more into your bank account in a day?




Customer Commissions.  It Works has a unique wholesale, or preferred customer program.  It’s call a Loyal Customer, and It Works offers your customers a savings of up to 45% off their orders by enrolling as your Loyal Customer.   Your customer is rewarded with great prices (and other perks) and you are rewarded with a 15% commission on your Loyal Customer Sales.  There’s no limit to the number of Loyal Customers you can enroll, so your earnings can get very, very large from this income stream alone!



Get Free Products.   Free products equal 100% profit.   When you enroll four Loyal Customers within your first 30 days you’ll receive $120 in free products.  When we decided to earn this, it took us 30 minutes, and we can show you how.    Also, for the lifetime of your business, every time you enroll 2 Loyal Customers you get your wraps at 1/2 off the wholesale price, so you earn double the amount of wrap cash!




Team Commissions.   When you enroll, or sponsor a distributor you’ll earn commissions from 5-15% of their teams and customer sales volume.  This is known as residual, or recurring income.  You do the work one time, and continue to get paid from your initial effort month after month, year after year as it continues to grow!  As your team continues to grow, and you begin promoting, your pay level increases along with your growing residual income.




$100 Fast Start Weekly Bonuses.   Every time you personally enroll a a new distributor and they enroll 2 Loyal Customers in their first 30 days, you’ll earn a $100 bonus.   These bonuses are paid every Friday.  There is no limit on the number of $100 Fast Start Bonuses you can earn, and this is for the lifetime of your business.



It Works $500 Guarantee.   That’s right It Works will guarantee you $500 when you do the following:    Step 1) Enroll as a new distributor with the $99 Starter Kit. See Kit & Steps to Success document at bottom of this page.   Step 2) Find 4 loyal customers in your first 30 days and you’ll get $120 in free products.   Step 3) You have 60 days to personally enroll three distributors who also do steps 1 and 2 in their first 30 days. If you do this, the company will guarantee you a paycheck of at least $500 in your first 60 days. If you earn less, they will pay you the difference.




Loyal Customer Bonus.    You can earn an extra $600 monthly car bonus by enrolling 60 Loyal Customers. This is just an extra bonus to spend on anything you wish.   Some people put this cash towards a car, but you can pay your mortgage, take a vacation, anything you desire!






Leadership Bonuses.  When you reach the Diamond Distributor Rank Level and above, you’ll begin earning monthly Leadership Bonuses, called C.A.B. Bonuses.  As your business and team grows, you’ll discover that these bonuses help distributors truly become debt free and enjoy incredible security and freedom to never have to worry about the cost of anything, to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.






So, here’s what’s in the $99. Distributor Kit!   You’ll receive a box of  4 body wraps that you can resell or keep for yourself,  a Portfolio filled with catalogs, brochures, order forms, marketing materials, our unique blitz cards and more.    You’ll also have access to our awesome It Works Training Academy, with your personalized website, access to our FITWorks Community filled with nutrition, recipes and exercise information, access to our personal growth center called Success on Demand, access to our distributor support group, and a personal mentor and sponsor to help guide you through our 3 simple Steps to Success, your own customized website, and so much more.

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